It Lives

So I've managed to have some time, I've started it again. Here is my todo list.

  • HL2MP Orange Box Engine
  • Implement SiN Episodes from GCF
  • Get background map working
  • Get loading screen working
  • Get player models
  • Get gun models
  • Fists
  • Ironsights
  • Implement Death messages
  • First Person Death
  • Dual Magnums
  • Create MP Maps (using Arena Maps for beta)
  • Remove all dependencies on HL2 or HL2MP (not sure how possible)
  • Get Vehicles Working
  • Score Board
  • Grapple Hook
  • Off Hand Grenades
  • Get GUI looking the same
  • Pipe Bomb
  • Teams (Rebel vs Combine is now..)
If anyone is still following this, sorry it took so long, one man team!

If you have any other things I'm missing, i.e. from SiN Ep 1 or SiN 1. Tell me, I will try!


USEMP Restart (Maybe)

I am currently debating whether to try and get this mod working again. I have a new PC, so the compiling shouldn't take 20 minutes like it did last time.

I'll keep you guys posted.


[12:16] they gave up on the sin mp mod?
Analyzing the facts:
1) I don't really do much for this mod anymore - [NEGATIVE]
2) Romsteady isn't on much, we don't know if he is working - [NEGATIVE]
3) Sarkie says that we have a few people working on it, including himself - [POSITIVE]

So not really sure, if someone else blogs about the mod after this thats a big [POSITIVE]


Yes totally stolen title, yes we are still alive, Rom has been ill recently so had to wait for that to pass so he can get the code working, I'm sure it's worth the wait.

You can see his blog at for anything he is doing, hopefully I will have stuff this week.

I am working on Firey Grenades and silly RPG firing 4 Missiles and Drunken ones (But don't know about that yet)

First Person Death


Using the guide from developer.valve I added First Person Death and cos usually I never have a good one to show it working I've decided to upload an image, which looks rather sexy.

Aside: Just cos I was bored yesterday, have an "official" picture on me


RPG Sights done

This is just so I have the code for the future, my way is a little less complicated then Valves, but it works :)

I had a little fix for holstering, it left it zoomed, so that's all fixed now. Time to add a "Scope" with blue and stuff, for the assault rifle type interface. :)